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To Improve Concentration Try These 5 Tips Now

Nobody likes to feel out of his or her element. It’s much more pleasant to walk into any situation and own the day. However, having that happen all the time is a bit unrealistic. Sometimes, things just don’t go your way and you don’t feel like you are at your best. The good news is that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. You can become more prepared, improve your concentration with practice. By following these five tips to improve concentration, you will find that you are more prepared and less nervous, regardless of what your day entails.

#1 Go the Extra Mile
It’s not always those who know the most or are more skilled than others that end up on top. Rather, it’s the ones who keep going when everyone else throws in the towel. If you find yourself frustrated, lacking focus and ready to give up, tell yourself that you will do just a little bit more and try just a bit harder. This tip will improve your concentration and give you the boost that you need to get over the hump. Just like when exercising, doing just a little bit more at any given time can add up to a big mental boost.

#2 Compartmentalize Your Brain
We each have habits that either lead to positive or negative results in our life. When it comes to concentration, bad habits can really harm your efforts. Most people find themselves distracted by worries and concerns that spill over from all areas of their day. While at work, you can be experiencing stress and concern about bills or other household responsibilities. This interferes with your ability to perform at your best. Give yourself strict instructions to separate the various things that are vying for your attention. If you can’t do anything about your bills right now, shut the door on that worry until a more appropriate time. Mentally tuck things away that are getting in the way of your best concentration.

#3 Should You Procrastinate or Not?
Procrastination is the death-knell to concentration. It can knock down an otherwise productive day faster than almost anything else. Of course, procrastination is nothing more than putting off until later what you could easily accomplish right now. While it can be hard to get going, it’s a well-known fact that productivity and concentration snowball. In most instances, once you get going, the momentum will carry you well beyond what you thought you had in you.

#4 Develop Mental Cues
The brain is an amazing tool. In fact, that is so much the case that scientists barely grasp your full capabilities. What is known, however, is that your brain can be trained. When you find yourself in a situation where you need more focus and concentration, develop a cue that will kick yourself into high gear. This may be something as simple as going through a routine, such as opening your laptop and getting a cup of coffee. This cues your mind that it’s work time, shutting out all other distractions. Be aware, however, that you can also train your brain in the opposite direction. If you find yourself winding down on a social networking site, for example, your brain may be trained to turn off concentration when that happens. Be aware and use these cues in your favor.

#5 Live in the Moment
There are many reasons why living in the moment will help to improve concentration. When you are thinking about the past or anticipating the future, your mind is going in dozens of different directions. Stop and remind yourself that right now is the only time that is really yours.

Concentrate on what is surrounding you; not only will you perform better, but you will find more joy in what you experience.

Toshi O. is a retired amateur Muay Thai fighter who also consults with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Website Affiliations include: To Improve Concentration – Check out this Guide to How to Improve Concentration

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Improve Concentration With These Top Techniques

People who are less familiar with how a computer stores and how it disseminates knowledge are often baffled to realize that complex relationships can be formed using only a few combinations of numbers. Taking a look at DNA is even more mind-boggling. However, what really puts this in perspective is the fact that the human brain either discovered or created these complex communication methods. Modern science hasn’t even begun to push the realms of what your own mind is capable of. With proper focus and application, you can improve concentration with some fairly basic techniques, much like using computer language to turn meaningless numbers into a string of complex instructions.

Be Aware
When it comes to memory and concentration, you can’t retain something that you don’t adequately grasp in the first place. Make a point to notice what is going on around you. It’s always fascinating to watch forensic or court shows on television. Often, you will see a scene where they show the contrast between what people actually see and what they thought they saw or actually retained. Pretend that you are in a witness seat and make a game of taking in everything that is going on around you. This will help you improve concentration.

Recognize Your Learning Style
Each person learns in slightly different ways. While your brain has the ability to process information that is given via oral, auditory or kinesthetic means, your particular personality may dictate which of these methods works the best for your own learning and concentration. Knowing how you best receive information can help you to ensure that it delivered in the best way possible for your concentration. Having to wade through written information when you really prefer to hear things makes you work harder than is necessary. Learning style is closely related to your overall ability to concentrate. Unfortunately, most business and classroom settings are not optimized to speak to a variety of learning styles. This is an adaptation that you will have to make for yourself. Keep in mind, however, that completely eliminating other senses to focus on your own preferred style may backfire. Always seek to stretch yourself in order to gain the full benefit from a learning environment.

Organize Information
Raw data is a good thing, but knowing what a particular piece of information means puts it into context, making it more useful. In addition, being overwhelmed by raw information can harm concentration. One of the best techniques to improve concentration is to organize your information in a way that makes sense to you. This may be as simple as creating a table. You could also turn names, dates or places into a ditty, song or poetry format. How many times have you ended up with a song stuck in your head unintentionally? Creating this on purpose, to improve concentration, is just as powerful. It doesn’t matter so much how you organize, as much as that you do it and that it works for you.

Concentration plays a large part in overall success. This is true whether you are sitting in the classroom, performing basic job duties, or even running a company. You have to be able to concentrate to finish any task. Luckily, these top techniques to improve concentration can take a ho-hum memory and turn it into a information-retaining machine.

Toshi O. is a retired amateur Muay Thai fighter who also consults with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Website Affiliations include: Improve Concentration – A Guide to How to Improve Concentration

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7 Exercises to Improve Concentration

If you want to build muscles in your body, what do you do? You start exercising, hitting the weights and doing targeted exercises to improve your strength. Well, if you are trying to improve your concentration, exercises to improve concentration and work the brain can help build up strength and increase your concentration abilities, just like other exercises work on developing your body. Focus and concentration can be developed and strengthened, but like the rest of your body, you’ll have to do the right exercises to accomplish this. If you are ready to start building your brain and improving your concentration, here are seven fun and easy exercises you can add to your everyday life to help out.

Exercise #1 – Work on Crossword Puzzles

One of the exercises to improve concentration is to work on crossword puzzles. You can find them in the daily paper, print off free options online, or buy books full of fun crossword puzzles. You’ll find that these puzzles are a whole lot of fun, which means you can enjoy yourself while working to make your concentration skills better. These puzzles can help you to increase concentration because they require you to solve questions and rely on long-term memory. Take about 10-15 minutes a day to work on these puzzles. If you have a few free moments, keep some crossword puzzles with you so you can work on them in your spare time. You’ll find that you quickly increase your concentration levels when you constantly exercise your brain in this manner.

Exercise #2 – Try Doing Sudoku Puzzles

Another great option to try if you want to do exercises that help improve your concentration is Sudoku puzzles. This is a great exercise that really works on the brain and they take focus and concentration. These puzzles are logic puzzles that have to deal with number placement. Many people find these puzzles to be very challenging. You can find them online, in books, and in the newspaper. Try solving one of these Sudoku puzzles every day. No doubt you’ll soon see a big difference in your focus and concentration in other areas of your life.

Exercise #3 – Word Counting

Something as simple as word counting can be a great exercise to give your concentration skills a boost. How do you do this? Take a paragraph, whether it’s in the newspaper, an article online, a magazine, or even a book, then take the time to count the number of works that are in that paragraph. Once you count the first time, count again. Make sure that you counted right the first time. When you start finding that counting the words in just one paragraph is becoming easier for you, start counting words within a couple of paragraphs at a time. Then move on until you can count the words in an entire page. Do not use your fingers – just use your eyes as you do the counting. You’ll be surprised how much concentration this takes, and as you move up in difficulty, you’ll be building up good skills in concentration and focus.

Exercise #4 – 5 Minutes with No Thoughts

Another of the best exercises to improve concentration includes you going for five minutes without thinking a thing. Take five minutes, set a timer if you have to, and focus on not thinking anything. This is difficult, but you can work up to it. If you have a hard time with five minutes, start out with only one minute at a time. As it becomes easier, work your way up to five minutes. It will take some time to accomplish this goal, but working to go for a period of time without thinking a thing can help you to improve concentration. It’s tough at first, so don’t give up.

Exercise #5 – Counting Backwards

Counting backwards can be an excellent exercise that works on boosting your concentration skills too. Start at 100 and then count backwards, all the way until you get back to one. At first this will be pretty tough for you. However, once this gets easy, then work on counting backwards from 100, but do it by threes. For example, start with 100, then 97, then 94, then 91, and so on. It gets more complicated when you try doing it by threes. You’ll be slow at first, but as you continue using this exercise, you’ll get faster and your concentration will get even better.

Exercise #6 – Change Up Your Routine

Simply changing up your routine can be a great exercise to improve your concentration. Often you get used to doing things a certain way and you are not really paying attention. Change the routine on a regular basis and do something that isn’t within your regular comfort zone. This helps to increase your ability to solve problems and it can help make you concentrate more as well. One simple way to do this is by simply taking another way to work on a regular basis.

Exercise #7 – Begin a New Hobby

Last, if you are looking for exercises to improve concentration, try beginning a new hobby. This allows you to expand the interests that you have and it also makes your brain have to learn something that is totally new to you. It expands the way that your brain thinks and challenges the brain, increasing the concentration skills that you have. While it helps you improve your concentration, it also will be a whole lot of fun as well.

These are just a few exercises to improve concentration that you can begin using in your daily life. Of course, take it fairly slow in the beginning. It may be difficult when you start out, so do your best. Don’t expect to do these exercises perfect at first. Build up the brain and you’ll soon find your concentration skills improving.

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